Thursday, July 21, 2016


Ann Demeulemeester lace-up leather sandals 

Finally bit the bullet and got the first-ever shoes I fell in love with when I started reading blogs back in 2009. Even in the summer they are extremely comfortable to walk in once you've broken them in. Took about 11,000 steps in these today and I survived! 

Fendi Eyeshine sunglasses in Ruthenium

I am a fiend for mirrored sunnies. Kryz and Lissa may have persuaded me into getting these while accompanying them in SoHo. 

 Fendi Eyeshine sunglasses, Ann Demeulemeester lace-up sandals, Balenciaga Velo bag, Zara dress 

I'm glad that I found one good black dress this summer. Got tired of all the light colors I've had to wear. Also a plus that it came in this season's overplayed off-shoulder cut. 

The most expensive/tallest luxury condo in the city is almost done ! It's actually posing as an eyesore to some. 

Still wondering on how she never breaks a sweat during the summer [BallerinaMime

Just a few more winks til our trip to the Philippines! I had my second dress fitting today at the Monique Lhuillier shop and I am starting to get excited about the reception. I'm honestly liking my stress-free approach about everything. Sorry to my mum, sister and my coordinator for having to carry the burden! Up until now the only thing I've had to stress about was my dress, invite (website), having to approve the decor and signing contracts. I can't relate to any wedding prep shows and dress shopping craziness since mine was extremely... easy. I'm just hoping for a decent get-together. A part of me feels like I haven't done anything to prepare for the reception and I'm scared it'll be a disaster!!! 

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