Friday, November 11, 2016

Pangulasian Island by El Nido Resorts (Part 1)

We needed time to de-stress after our wedding reception in Cebu so we planned a mini honeymoon (minimoon or #FakeHoneymoon) immediately after that. We wanted to book a place with good food, beautiful interiors and great service. A lot of people suggested Pangalusian Islands by El Nido Resorts (their newest one) so we took everyone's advice and set aside a 5-day trip after unloading our things in Manila.

El Nido Resorts owns the airline company we took to fly to Palawan and there were 2 other passengers with us in the cute plane. It was my first time flying a small propeller plane and it wasn't scary at all! They served snacks before boarding and the stewardess was really nice.

We took a private boat to get to the island.

Was a bit worried since we arrived to gloomy weather but the skies brightened up an hour after.

So beautiful!!!

We booked a beach villa with its own access to the beach!

Well I don't really need to describe the room... Beautiful modern nipa hut.

Service was truly excellent right from when we landed.

A view of the clear blue waters right by our bed.

The bar was stocked with drinks just a bit cheaper than New York City prices (each cocktail/gin soda in NYC will hold you back $15-17 without tax and tip).

Checking on the WiFi - it was fast but not NY fast. Ha!

The bath was literally half the size of my living area in the city.

Ready to take a dip!!! I've waited 2 years for a beach trip! AAAAHHH!!!

We chose to swim and skip the free activities on the first day.

Ready for dinner at 5!!!

View from the beach front restaurant/bar

Cute details by the bar

We chose to do the sunset hike up the highest peak of the island the next morning. It took us about 30 minutes to get there and it was a great workout.

Darie's mistake was wearing slides instead of sneakers! It was dark and rocky going uphill but nothing too strenuous. If you're used to hikes, it's a piece of cake.

Spotted a huge house (or resort?) across our island.


Goofing around going downhill since it was safer when the sun was up!

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