Saturday, November 5, 2016

Official Fall Uniform

OBSESSED with these studded Chelsea boots! Wearing them this entire season and possibly til winter. 

boots- Balenciaga 
leather jacket- Parker
joggers- Zara
t-shirt- Marc Jacobs

Wore this outfit to a house inspection this afternoon (we might be purchasing our first house!!!) and my sister decided to snap photos of my "faux grunge" look.

This Parker leather moto jacket is definitely my go-to jacket this fall, paired with these boots that I instantly fell in love with during a trip to my favorite Balenciaga store at SoHo. They're snug so make sure to go half a size up if you're planning to get this pair. Breaking them in a little makes them super comfortable and perfect for every outfit, even long skirts! You all know New Yorkers walk at least 10,000 steps a day, so trust that most (if not all) my boots are made for walking. They're much more beautiful in person - check them out HERE since my photos don't do them justice.

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