Saturday, July 1, 2017

#MimiJax Wedding (Part 2)

[Read part 1 HERE]

We clean up really well when we're not in black (or in gym clothes)

The beautiful ceremony at Eglise de Roscoff

Dress - Aidan Mattox,  shoes (not shown) by Valentino

Drove to the venue (Manoir Penfao) with bridesmaids Giorgia (Mia's cousin) and Marion (Jacques' sister)

At this point Steven's starting to like Darie more than me. I am an acquired taste after all... Darie is the friendly one. Just don't mess with him, LOL.

A legit jazz band!!! 

Thanks for the blurry photo, Steve.

Diandra (middle) really wanted it and she caught it! 

That guy caught it, obviously.

Simple yet beautiful set-up with a clear tent towards the back

I don't have a lot of photos from that night but it was a night filled with dancing, "speedwalking" contests and unlimited booze + desserts. Some people couldn't keep up, as shown in this photo.

We were to end the night with the last call for shuttles back to Roscoff at 3 AM... Darie kept forcing Steven and I to play a few songs on that piano and two songs became a room full of people just singing their hearts out to random songs, throwing flowers and standing on tables. A lack of photos can only mean one thing - TOO. MUCH. FUN!!! We all left just a few minutes before 4 in the morning. 

The next day the entire group (about 200 people) went on an island excursion at Île-de-Batz at around noon.

We boarded these boats 

To an ever more picturesque area! 

Brunch at this creperie - the best in France!

I had the chevre, miel and salade crepe. IT WAS THE BEST! 

Dress by The Line By K, bag- Gucci, sandals- Jimmy Choo, sunglasses- Fendi

Mr. & Mrs. Branellec!!! Thank you again for inviting us to this beautiful celebration of love! 

See you in Manila, Mia! 

On the boat back to Roscoff... Didn't want to leave this place!!! 

Darie & Steven swimming in the cold with photographer Ryan Arbilo before our flight to Paris

My next post will be about Steven third-wheeling on our trip to Paris! 

To be continued...,

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