Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Sunday Hike

Definitely need to take a tour of the mansion soon.

Riz and I are now hooked on Sony cameras

I believe horses are giant doggos. Beautiful creatures, I wish I owned one. 

Pablo looks serious in all his photos, but this is his true essence- he is a derpy dog!

I need me a black fur coat, his makes him look so much smaller than he is in person

I couldn't find my hiking fanny pack in time so I used this Mochila I got from Latin Curated. It's from Najash by Sigrid Saenz and I love it. I am also in love with the way it smells, I wish they had the scent in a bottle! Each of their bags is one-of-a-kind and is handwoven by two indigenous Colombian communities Wayuu and Embera chami.

After almost a year of living in the 'burbs, it was our first time to hike at the Sands Point Park & Preserve. It was so close to our house and I regret not going sooner. It would have been the perfect spot for summer hikes as they have a lot of trails to choose from and the beach was a lovely site, too. We practiced Pablo's walk, pausing whenever he pulled on the leash and applying lessons we learned from his trainer. He also got to enjoy 30 minutes off-leash and played around the beach with his new friend Charlie. I try not to leave him off-leash unsupervised even in our own backyard since he's a puppy who loves to eat everything on the ground. As much as we wanted to stay longer to explore the trails, it was a bit too cold and we were underdressed. Living by the water does make the cold more brutal thanks to the wind. I can't wait to take more friends and family there. It's so peaceful and it makes me love living here more. I enjoyed so many mountains in the Philippines but it always took us 2-6 hours to drive to a new trail- through a combination of driving, bus, jeep and tricycle. 

I am more motivated to post ever since I got a new camera! These photos are unfiltered and make me really happy that I bit the bullet and converted to an all-Sony gear. I am currently using the Sony A7Rii with a 35mm lens. 

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