Sunday, December 3, 2017

Clean Makeup + Lashes

Jacket by Kith, skirt by The Line By K, cardigan, top & hat- H&M, Gabrielle bag- Chanel, boots- Balenciaga

Bryant Park was predictably packed on a Saturday but I still loved the vibe thanks to warm hot vegan cocoa (lucky for us, the only stall with no wait time LOL) and their blue Christmas tree! 

Mink lashes in Celestial c/o Esqido 

This style has varying curls for an ultra voluminous yet natural look! 

My no-foundation look, just with falsies. For my brows I just used some MAC brow gel with a few strokes of K-Palette Real Lasting Eyebrow in grayish brown. On work days I stick to brow gel only since I've been trying to rock a more natural look these days- perfect when I'm in a hurry on weekdays. 

Holding up a reflector under my face so excuse the arms :))

Riz and I planned a trip to Bryant Park to check out the food stalls and cute Christmas items for sale today and I got a chance to rock these Esqido Mink Lashes in the style "Celestial". I love that they are full yet lightweight, plus with the thin band I didn't have to line my eyes or hide it with some eyeshadow! My face has this tendency to look overdone as soon as I put on some eyeliner or eye shadow and I feel like it makes me look older than I am so it's great that these lashes were super high quality and looked soft paired with natural makeup. Esqido also sent me some eyelash glue which didn't sting and didn't wear off the entire night. I absolutely hate it when fake lashes start peeling off (it happened during my wedding makeup disaster) so thankfully their lash glue was reliable. It was SO easy to peel off, which was a bonus! 

Unlike the Philippines, where Christmas season starts on September, I've really only started feeling the holiday cheer this month. I can't wait for the holidays this year since we're having my entire family plus cousins over at our home. It's going to be a busy month for us! After almost a year we're still putting in work on the house- painting, installing lights and cleaning up just to name a few. I'm also starting another job this week at another interior design + furniture company. I've freelanced for them and I really like the office, everyone's friendly and super helpful! I'm lucky my sister is here to help me watch over Pablo while I'm at work. My mother's also coming this week so she's helping me out with the house. I feel blessed that my family can come over every time I need their help with things. I haven't really been homesick thanks to them visiting + my biannual visits to the Philippines.  

I can't wait for Christmas!!!

Sidenote- I'm so glad I can finally blog about skin care and makeup again since my cystic acne's cleared up (no thanks to PCOS). Still deciding whether or not it's worth blogging about- my journey to clear skin over these past few months has been tough. 

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