Sunday, January 21, 2018

Favorite boots this winter!

Enjoying the snowstorm aftermath only through photos 

Boots & bag - Gucci, coat- Balenciaga, shirt- Urban Outfitters

Typical workday outfit

Moncler men's puffer coat, H&M sweater

Comfiest snow boots this season! I'm obviously obsessed. Sorry guys, you're seeing these babies until it gets warmer. 

I was drawn to them in the store but initially didn't want to get them, fearing that they would clash with some outfits. I visited Saks in hopes to find another pair appropriate for the harsh winter but I didn't like anything else so I just had to get them. SO glad I bit the bullet- they match most of my outfits because I obviously wear a lot of black! I thought the bees mixed with the stars were too much at first, but they're a historic symbol for Gucci from the '70s. I love that you can take out the strap with pearls as well. The rubber lug sole is so solid and is good for the icky slush covering the streets of NYC and they're crazy warm. My sister even wore them and said that she understood why I kept wearing them - they're so comfortable! AAAH I love these boots! 


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