Tuesday, August 6, 2019

I can't believe I'm back

My last post was over a year ago and I'm coming out of Blogger retirement with no makeup, no shoes, and a baby on one hand. Wow. 

I have an hour to write and have my fingers crossed that this becomes a meaningful post, so if you're reading this, I hope you get to the end without getting bored. 

I made my blog private for 2 weeks. I thought real hard about whether I wanted to blog again or if I should delete the blog forever. As I get older I'm starting to treasure my privacy. Living a quiet life in America is seriously a luxury and my life in Manila before moving was a bit public thanks to this blog- I was also very vocal and active on social media so everything I did was documented. My priorities totally shifted when I moved overseas and that's why my elopement was a secret and my entire pregnancy was a secret (even to my family and friends). I just realized that there's a huge chunk of my life that made me happy and I'm a bit sad that I don't have snippets of those on here for me to look back on. 

Remember when Instagram wasn't a thing and I used to post meaningless photos on here? I miss that. I remember going to so many parties and gigs, with blurry photos and no captions to post, and whenever I look at those photos on here I immediately get sent back into time, feeling the same things I did when I took those photos. 

I enjoyed my life so much, I still do, but I am extremely grateful that I was not pressured by my parents to do any of the things I did during those years I slowly held back from blogging: I got my masters, got married, got a dog and had a baby- not because I was pressured to. I know I am privileged in that sense, believe me, but I will not hold back from sharing anything because I also think I don't pretend like my life is perfect! 

So I'm back on here because I really want to keep this online diary alive and post some happy bits of my life, while sharing a bit of what I learn each day! 😊I'm also kind of sick of Instagram to be honest, and I'm craving for an old-school platform with more meaningful posts sans ads masked as relatable "lifestyle photos." I'm not trying to sell anyone anything (except maybe my design services), so I might as well post what I truly feel good about! 

I'm going to post about my pregnancy/birth story next time because it's going to be a long one... Here's some photos that have made me happy instead. Thanks for reading, it's good to be back!!! 

Here are some photos of my new life as a... MOTHER! 

Currently blogging at this home office I've set up, sans makeup. Most of these photos are shot on iPhone. I am now making it a point to bring my fancy camera everywhere for... better blog content. *gasp*

Fun life update: I now have exactly 5 strands of white hair. 

I'm waiting for my abs to fuse back, lol. 

Darie feeds me while I breastfeed Carmine

The last time we cut his hair to make the length all even (he lost a bit on top when he was 2 months old). I love this cute Spring photo with all the cherry blossoms. 

My look for Jen's rehearsal dinner. Glam by Raisa Bercede, one of my favorite makeup artists in Cebu.  

Reunited with David at Jen's rehearsal dinner that we were part of the entourage for

Also reunited with Riz. I guess the basic mom uniform nowadays is Valentino heels + a Chanel purse, lol

My makeup for Jen's big day 

My bridesmaid gown made me look like a fairy godmother. You may now thank Jen and Riz for being the only ones able to force me into wearing pink! 

Going all out til 2AM, before the boring husbands forced us to go home! 

Also reunited with Mia, who's expecting a baby the same month and week I had Carmine!!! 

Here's us again at one of her baby showers, with Holly and Christelle

Carmine being cute 

Wearing everything from his grandmother, who bought 98% of his things (thanks, mom!) 

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